1. Calculate each angle point. If that is smaller than 180 degree, then fill that point with triangle and delete that point. Then the hexagone will be a pentagone. The same procedure continue and delete the point that is already filled, then we got quadran, then triangle.

2. To fill a 3 points triangle need some script technique. Either by skew a triangle, or divide triangle into two 90 degree triangles.

3. The other problem is, when we fill a triangle, this triangle should not include other points in the triangle field. I tried use hitTest to exclude those traingles, but failed. The hitTest failed in this condition, the result is not correct. Possibly because the triangle is skewed, rotated and stretched so the Flash failed to handle the shapeFlag true function.

4. So I must write script to detect whether the point is in the triangle field. The math is slightly complicated.